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Hi Loves,

As you may or may not know this past week 3-9th Oct was National Champagne week here in the UK.

Who doesn’t love champagne I hear you ask? Well… until about a week ago me.

I have never been a particularly big drinker (although Disarono and Cranberry juice will always be my tipple of choice), in fact until recently, I’d been t total for about 4 years after a test diagnosed my alcohol intolerance. Intolerances however, affect the body in a very different way to allergies. Usually after a period of abstaining from the irritant, it can often be reintroduced with little to no symptoms. So naturally being the little daredevil that I am, (I’m really not lol) I reintroduced small amounts of alcohol once in a blue moon, and other than a little gas, I’ve had no other symptoms to report.

Now a couple of weeks ago I attended an event in Soho London, hosted by Perrier Jouet champagne , the aptly named L’eden event was a hit. I’m not sure if it was the stunning light garden installation by artist Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance or the enchanting bioresponsive garden by Bompas & Parr, complete with dancing trees, or it could well have been the fabulous BelleEpoque flutes the champagne was served in. Whatever it was, my interest was peaked.


L’EDEN by Perrier Jouet


Champagne is always a good idea
Champagne is always a good idea


Art Installation by Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance


A close up of the beautiful hanging glasses


Well of course i couldn’t leave empty handed.


So as you can imagine when the opportunity arose to attend the Moet and Chandon and Veuve Clicquot Champagne Masterclass at Searcys Champagne Bar in London I just couldn’t say no. Hubby and I made a night of it and it really was great fun. It was a bit like cocktail making, using champagne.

National Champagne Week @Searcys Champagne Bar Westfields


We enjoyed trying a selection of Brut and Demi Sec from both M&C and VC houses and were given a history of them both. We were taught the differences between the types and bottles as well as a few mixing techniques. The simplest tip I learnt that i found made the biggest difference was to add 3 cube of ice to your already chilled glass of champers. I remember that this figure was very specific but after 4 glasses of champagne I can’t really remember why lol. I do know however that the ice really changed the taste for me and made it much lighter on the palate. We experimented with different garnishes, ginger (my fave), lime, cucumbers and even peppers and I’m really quite surprised the difference these little additions made. For the first time I found champagne to be refreshing, enjoyable and actually quite playful. The best part was I had none of the nasty effects I get with wine, again I’m not exactly sure why but id expect that its down the the process by which Champagne is made. I doubt i’ll now be indulging in champagne on the rocks with my jollof rice, but i think it’ll definitely make more of an appearance more on the menu.

I was a skeptic but I’m converted, now i’m well and truly a drinker at the fountain of demi sec.


Moet Darling
Moet Brut
Moet Brut with Ice and Ginger
One of each please
I even made a friend.


My kind of glass


Try with a variety of garnishes


Give it a go: Add three cubes of ice to your glass of champagne and add the garnish of your choice.

Try limes, cucumbers, mint, ginger or even berries.


Let me know what you think…..and as always  be sure to drink responsibly.



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